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Is there room for another publication about cities? There's so much 'cities' and 'architecture' and 'built environment' stuff out there, that we can feel swamped by it. Much of it, however, when you strip away the glossy pictures, isn't up to much -- and will disappear from people's memories within a few years or even months. Again, it seems that nostalgia for the recent past has never been more popular, but most of it is about trivia that won't help us to understand where we're headed in this time of rapid change as, all around the world, humanity moves to the city.

Our articles will set out strong narratives of urban change and development, celebrating successes in the lives of cities, and underpinned by well-researched analysis. Architecture, urban planning, economic and political activity, art and cultural creativity: all these facets of life in the city, and more, will be presented for a non-specialist readership in an attractive print publication.

Who is behind the magazine?

William Arthurs, editor/ publisher, was Editor of the London Society Journal from 2010 to 2012.


Our launch issue is scheduled for autumn 2012.


Contact William Arthurs on +44 77 11 432 320 or

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